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Designer Pram Builder

Designer Pram Builder


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Rozibaby Pram Builder reviews

Stock Availability: All new pram orders made now will be put on backorder (delivery early June 2015). 


  • Ensure you get your First Choice of Colours! Some colours may be sold out before our new stock arrives!
  • Take advantage of our Early Bird Offer to get up to $60 off and the RaincoverSunshade included
  • Have your pram Delivered ASAP when new stock arrives.

NOTE: All prams bought on the Pram Builder include Handle & Bumper Bar Covers and are capable of taking a 2nd Seat Attachment

LINKS: Compare RozibabyPram Accessories | Why Rozibaby? | Pram Features | Pram Specifications

INSTRUCTIONS: How to Use the Pram Builder! If you prefer, you can also purchase your pram over the phone on 1800 ROZIBABY (1800 769 422)

The Rozibaby Pram Builder allows you to select each fabric component of your pram from a range of colours to create your own unique look. You can also choose from a variety of wheel and seating options to suit your family’s needs. To see a close up of the fabrics you can view and purchase see our Free Colour Swatch to see how the colours combine.

To get started:

  1. Select the Seat Type: either Bassinet or Seat [Note: If you want the Full Package, select the Bassinet in the Pram Builder, then add the Seat as an accessory]
  2. Select the Number of Wheels you want
  3. Select the Tyre Type you want for the Rear Wheels
  4. Choose the colours of each section of your Rozibaby pram by selecting the colour icons on the right
  5. 'Add to Cart' the Pram you'd like to puchase and proceed to Checkout

Customer Reviews

So easy to use and looks fantastic! Review by HooiJ
I just wanted to say how much we love the rozibaby! It is so easy to use and looks fantastic! We recently took it to a festival and it had no problem travelling smoothly over the rough terrain! I have walked bub every day for 3.5 months and could not be happier, I'm so glad found it online and didn't end up buying a bugaboo or any of the other big names!

Amazing price for an amazing pram! We have just switched from the bassinet to the main seat and bub loves this even more.

Thank you for the great, friendly and efficient service! (Posted on 22/11/2014)
We love it! Review by E_Chey
Hubby just put together the pram in under 10mins flat amazing.. we love it! (Posted on 22/11/2014)
We love our Rozibaby bassinet pram Review by MilosR
Both of us and our little baby boy (3 weeks and 3 days old) love our Rozibaby bassinet pram. (Posted on 22/11/2014)
I love my Rozibaby pram! Review by JoanneH
I love my Rozibaby pram! I would (and do!) absolutely recommend it to friends.. Its the best! (Posted on 22/11/2014)
Thank You! Review by KatherineT
We assembled the pram the other day and although we haven't been able to test it out with a baby yet (!), so far we just love it.

Thanks so much!


Katherine (Posted on 22/11/2014)
Thanks for an awesome pram Review by Janene.H
Thanks for an awesome pram, we love it. Our baby is now 5.5months old, almost ready to move from the basinet. Just wanted to say firstly that I love the basinet, I take it when visiting friends, pop it on a bed and baby can nap while i have a cuppa.

Secondly, I just have an idea that I wanted to pass on to you, since you are in the business of baby inventions or improvements on current baby stuff. One of the most difficult things can be transferring a sleeping baby from arms to cot, without waking baby when removing arms from under him. I wondered whether something could be made, like a thick or padded cloth or malleable but thin mini mattress that a parent can hold in arms under the baby when rocking to sleep or feeding to sleep. It would lie across/ over the parent's arms, under baby. Then when transferring baby to cot, the mini mattress stays under baby, and enables parent to remove arms with less movement (=disruption) to baby.

Of course you'd have to think through the SIDS issues, but if you look at porta cots, they have padded sheets that parents buy to make porta cot more comfy, and those are not firm mattress like SIDS require, but it perhaps more like what I am thinking of for transferring baby to cot. Anyway, will leave it with you. I just thought that something like that would be soooo very useful.

Regards, Janene (Posted on 22/11/2014)
We love our pram! Review by HSutton
We love our pram! I get so many compliments! (Posted on 22/11/2014)
I would just like to say a HUGE thank you for your outstanding customer service Review by CVanderJagt
I would just like to say a HUGE thank you for your outstanding customer service. It was a really stressful time for me while looking at prams. I really appreciate seeing me and my friend at such short notice in Moorabbin to demonstrate and answer any questions we had.

I placed my order two days ago, got a confirmation yesterday and the pram was delivered today! I was so surprised since i was told it would take about 2 weeks :)

Thank you once again and I look forward to using your product with our new baby (Posted on 22/11/2014)
A big thank you for your prompt service Review by KMarshall
I received my Rozibaby pram a couple of weeks ago. I just wanted to say a big thank you for your prompt service.

It arrived on the exact day I put down for the delivery date. My partner assembled the pram ( I can't take the credit for that :) without any troubles. Our baby is due in a few weeks, so I'm really looking forward to getting out and about with him/her in the bassinet pram.

I have just ordered a seat and seat cover for when our baby gets a bit older. I just wanted to give you positive feedback, as I think it's important! Feedback isn't just for when there is a problem :) Thanks again! (Posted on 22/11/2014)
We adore our Rozibaby pram Review by LAnneSexton
I recently became a first time Mum to Teddy and bought the Rozibaby pram which we adore. People always stop and compliment us on our beautiful pram and we love that it is super functional with the three wheel and four wheel options.

I have been really impressed by the story behind Rozibaby, its an amazing accomplishment. (Posted on 22/11/2014)
I have recommended Rozibaby to many people and I get a ton of compliments Review by BAGraham
The pram is so easy to push and steer one handed while carrying a baby in the other, fits in shop aisles easily (holds alot of shopping!) and manoeuvres really well. Plus folds up and opens back out simply. It is light and very easy to lift into and out of my car even after my caesarean I was able to do this.

I really like the fact you can have the bassinet and seat attachments facing either way. I love that I could pick my own colour combo and this seriously took me months to decide and even now I wish I picked the orange basket instead of sand.

The Maxi Cosi Capsule is so easy to attach and it is so easy to change between the capsule and bassinet.

I have recommended Rozibaby to many people and I get a ton of compliments on how mine looks when I am out. When my husband is with me, I never get to push my Rozibaby, he loves it too!

I really do think this the best pram. (Posted on 22/11/2014)
Without hesitation I would recommend a Rozibaby pram! Review by EmmaM
I spent far too many hours during my pregnancy researching what pram to buy. I never knew how much there was to consider! I wanted a pram that was easy to handle on rougher terrains, yet was compact enough to fit in my small car and manoeuvre around shops. I wanted a reversible seat and a quality pram that I could use into the future.

Rozibaby ticked these boxes for me and I love the look and ability to customise the pram to my own taste and preference.

The pram glides so easily allowing me to walk my dog with one hand while I push the pram with the other. It is simple to get in and out of the car and I love that I can face my son either way (he likes this too!).

Overall, I have been extremely happy with my purchase.

I chose a 3 wheel AIR, Salt and Pepper canopy, seat and bassinet and orange shopping basket. I still love it and frequently get compliments.

I was impressed with my first interactions with Rozibaby at a baby expo. Subsequent dealings via phone and email have proven the team provide quick, helpful and friendly customer service. (Posted on 22/11/2014)
We are very, very happy with our Rozibaby Review by DSweeney
My daughter, Mila, was born three weeks ago, and thus, my Rozibaby has been in action daily for the last three weeks, rain, hail or shine. I keep looking for reasons why I should't like it... don't ask me why!

Perhaps it is that the capsule is hard to put on? Nope. Or that it is not very comfortable for her to sleep in? Not that either, as just putting her in the bassinet lulls her to a very deep sleep. Maybe it's the colours that don't look as good in person? Well, not if the comments of everyone from the lady in the post office, or the other moms I meet, are telling the truth about how fantastic they are. Or maybe, just maybe, it's that I can't go for a run with it? Obviously not that either, as I successfully navigated the Manly Esplanade one handed on this the first sunny morning we've had in three days, during school holidays, on my first run in months.

You have created an absolutely marvellous product. The price point and customer service were too good to be true... except that your product has backed up both of those promises, and then some. We are very, very happy with our Rozibaby and will continue to spread to the word to everyone and anyone that we meet.

I wish you much success!! (Posted on 22/11/2014)

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